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D-due / Issue 5

Issue #5:

The Lizard

February 2017

D-due | Magritte & Ink | ISSUE #4

Issue #4:

Magritte & Ink

November 2016

Warm colours light up Magritte’s oneiric night. Floral prints and plaid fabrics are the canvas on which the iconography of the surrealist painter is represented.

D-due | ISSUE #3

Issue #3:

Magritte & Ink

August 2016

With our third issue comes the winter, wrapped in surrealism and mystery. The new collections from D-due and D-due LAB invite us to dive into a dreamlike atmosphere.


Issue #2:

Yellow Mountain

April 2016

Each D-due LAB collection tells a story. This Spring-Summer 2016 we invite you to dream with Camille at the foot of the fragrant Yellow Mountain.

D-due | Issue #1

Issue #1:

Chemistry, bears and daisies

Diciembre 2015

Margaritas, osos llenos de ironía y estructuras moleculares bajo una luz estival. ¿Qué inspira el mundo onírico de la colección Primavera-Verano 2016?