1. To maintain and disseminate the knowledge of dressmaking and sewing through design as an essential asset that contributes to the economy and culture.
  2. To build a story from each collection in which the living space to which we belong is drawn.
  3. The need to pursue a working model that defends a proposal from the rural environment with a cosmopolitan spirit.
  4. To recover production methods and language associated with craftsmanship, manual work and tradition.
  5. To also transmit our values and knowledge through the academic environment.
  6. Creating a durable product in terms of quality and design ensures sustainability.
  7. Not relying on trends favors rational consumption.
  8. Understanding our work as something enduring
  9. To work preferably with local suppliers.
  10. Understanding the creative experience as a fruitful dialogue between art and design.
  11. Understanding design from the perspective of function and emotion.
  12. To maintain a production system that boosts the local economy.


The company was founded in 1960 as a small workshop producing high quality garments and is still based in the original premises. In the early 1990s, the infrastructure was expanded with the construction of a new workspace, the design studio, which led to the creation of D-due.

D-due is a label that distances itself from trends in order to work in different areas, which together define a lifestyle project rather than an exclusively fashion-oriented project. D-due operates as a creative studio, developing solutions for its own projects and those created in collaboration with other brands and companies that share its creative approach.

The label’s creative flow and its own language encompass different areas. The studio’s interests and concerns are applied to product lines that express the spirit of D-due: textiles, ceramics and other items serve as the perfect backdrop to expand and communicate its creative project.

The main focus of D-due’s international presence is the Japanese market. Established for years as a signature collection, D-due has its own mono-brand store in Tokyo and is available in a wide range of points of sale throughout the rest of the country.


A solid knowledge of the world of fashion design, passed down from generation to generation, allows D-due to preserve all the original aspects of tailoring. The garments in each collection are made by hand, with extreme attention to detail in every aspect.

Having its own atelier allows the label to stay in close touch with each of its new creations, from design to final production, in a process that makes each garment unique. The label’s distinctive patterns and unique visual language make D-due garments instantly recognizable and valued for their quality.


D-due is a studio brand. All its creative work is multi-directional, creating its own unique language. The studio is a space for research, where ideas and actions take shape, revealing a unique approach to artistic processes, reflected in projects and products created with the hallmark of a strong personality and excellent quality, inspired by the craftsmanship and the rural environment that surrounds the studio.



Charo is the link between the atelier, technical and volumetric development, and garment engineering.

With the work of Cristóbal Balenciaga as a reference, Charo studied fashion in Barcelona. She then worked in Milan, where she perfected the technical skills demanded by her interest in tailoring, well-crafted garments and fabrics. In Milan she was introduced to an environment much more focused on manufacturing and the creation of design.

Her interest in dressmaking and the creation of sophisticated garments has its roots in the environment and the family business: in 1960, her parents set up a small dressmaking workshop in rural Galicia, the same place where D-due garments are made today.

“Paper captures everything,” says Charo. To ensure that the garments are created in response to the creative decisions made in the #ddue_studio and not just on a whim, she explains the technical requirements to the workshop and works directly on the construction of each piece, defining the characteristic D-due silhouette.


Alfredo is the storyteller, the hand that draws and transmits artistic creations to D-due’s designs. With the cultural and aesthetic influences of his childhood spent in the family bookshop and graphic design workshop, he travelled from Pontevedra to Barcelona to study graphic design. After several years in Seville, he moved his design and communication studio to Pontevedra. His collaborations with a variety of artists and fashion brands led him to join forces with Charo and form part of D-due.

The influence of Paul Rand and other references to modern American design are behind Alfredo’s creative language and his particular approach to turning graphic design into fashion.

Irony, playfulness, a bold use of colour and a slightly surreal touch can be found in the illustrations and graphics applied to the garments, and in the art direction and visual language that define D-due.

Since 2014, Charo and Alfredo have combined their artistic activities with teaching at the University of Vigo’s MA course in Fashion Design and Creative Direction.


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