A day in Paradise

A day in Paradise, a summer tale by D-due

D-due recreate an imaginary around the Spring-Summer 2018 collection through the summer story “A day in Paradise” and its protagonist, Tristán, who lives the greatest adventure that anyone has ever known.

I would like to explain why everything we see isn’t the way we see it, but actually how we think we see it. Colour, for example, exists because there is light. If there is no light, there is no colour, and if there is no colour, then everything looks sad and dull. Imagine a world without colour: it would be unbearable! Things wouldn’t be the same, and we would all look just like each other.

In the very beginning, thinks were black and white because there was hardly any light: everything was in darkness, in shadow. I know it sounds impossible, but I swear that’s the way it was. I know because they told me. My father told me, and he said his father had told him, and so on, as far back as God knows when.

A Day in Paradise, a summer tale by D-due

The fact is that life was horrible, because time stood still, and if things did change, it seemed like it was always the same time, the same moment, the same situation. Light and time are very similar, and they cannot exist without each other. When things didn’t have any colour, they were grey, and there were no seasons: summer and winter were the same. Just thinking that there was no summer makes my hair stand on end!

I think that summer is the best thing ever, and I always try to make the most of it, make the most of my time, even though it’s supposed to be a time for not doing anything, for relaxing, and having adventures.
But what I wanted to tell you was what happened with all that business of the colours and so on…

A Day in Paradise, a summer tale by D-due


There was once a man called Tristán, who was very brave. He was a strange kind of guy, who always kept himself to himself. He was one of those people that everyone else like to joke about. For some strange reason, he knew that colour was to be found somewhere, and so he boldly set off to discover it. It may sound incredible, but he sailed off in a little boat to find the Prometeo Island, a tiny rock in the middle of a remote archipelago that nobody knew.

Tristan knew about the island from an old map he had bought in a 24-hour gas station near the church of St. Eustace. He found it between a book of maps and a box of doughnuts, while he was looking for a road map of Portugal. Amongst them was a folded sheet of paper, with the directions to reach a small blob in the shape of a bean, around which someone had written the word “PARADISE” in capital letters.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head, because at that time people said that Paradise existed somewhere in the world, and he did not know why, but he heard voices, and felt like they were calling him from there.

A Day in Paradise, a summer tale by D-due

Prometeo Island

And so with just a tiny boat, he set out on the greatest adventure that anyone had ever had. After a long, difficult journey, Tristan reached the Prometeo Island. “Wow, what an amazing place!” he thought, when he saw it. It was beautiful. Everything was full of colour: there were flowers everywhere; there were strange animals, and thousands of beautiful things that no one had ever seen. The fact is that these things were already in the world, but because they had no colour, they all seemed the same.

A Day in Paradise, a summer tale by D-due

On the island, there was a volcano that was constantly erupting. Well, it was nearly a volcano, because in fact it was really the hat of a shipwrecked sailor, who was the guardian of this wonderful place. His name was Roberto de la Rosa, the sole survivor of a mutiny on La Amistad, a Spanish galleon. In a constantly furious mood, he dwelled beneath the Prometeo Island , unleashing his fury with each eruption from his hat.

A Day in Paradise, a summer tale by D-due

His only company was an elderly octopus, that slept on his knees. The sea helped to calm their nerves. Next to the volcano was a quartz glass prism, which scattered the light from each explosion–CRASH, BOOM!– in a dazzling array of colours over everything.

A Day in Paradise, a summer tale by D-due

The Girls of Paradise

There was no doubt in his mind: he was in Paradise. A place where the monkeys danced, and the moon was so close you could reach it by walking. In fact, it was so close that an astronaut had dropped by to chat up the girls of paradise. They were the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and it was impossible not to fall madly in love with them. They were always happy, with smiles as huge as a slice of watermelon on their faces. They were like tropical goddesses, seemingly made of neon… and it was always summer on the Prometeo Island.

Tristan sat down on a rock to enjoy this new panorama. He was feeling a little sorry for himself because it had been a very long journey, and he also felt sad that everyone else was missing this incredible festival of colour. If it had been up to him, he would have stolen the pyramid and run away with it. But he didn’t: he preferred to tell the monkeys that lived all over the island that he wanted to light up the planet, and share this incredible party with everyone.

The monkeys (who are very sensitive animals) cried when Tristan told them his story, and how difficult his journey in search of colour had been. So they offered him a deal: they would give him a magical pyramid, as long as he kept quiet about the route that led to Paradise, as the island was very small, and they didn’t want it to fill up with people – all that weight could have caused it to sink!

A Day in Paradise, a summer tale by D-due

The Glass Pyramid

Tristan picked up the glass pyramid, said goodbye to the girls, the astronaut, the monkeys, the parrots, and all of the other strange creatures that lived there, and set off on his journey home. On his arrival, the first thing he did was to put the prism on his roof, so that it would be lit up by the sun, and soon, like some enormous colouring book, the planet began to fill with incredible new colours. Everything burst into life, and just like when colour TV arrived for the first time, people were amazed to have lived in a black and white world for so long.

So now we are all in the hands of our friend Tristan, and we depend on his amazing generosity. If he ever decided to take the pyramid back to paradise, the world as we know it today would become a quagmire. We would return to the beginning of everything, when there was no time, and there were no seasons. All we have to do is to close our eyes to imagine it. How horrible!