Neko Suite | D-dueNeko Suite | D-due

We present Neko Suite, a unique artistic project based on collecting porcelain cat figures, which have put together for Japan.

Neko Suite | D-due

Decorative English porcelain cat figures from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were popular collectors’ items during the Victorian period, representing the tastes and sensitivity of the time. Neko (‘cat’ in Japanese) Suite is an artistic project that offers a free interpretation of these objets d’art.

Neko Suite | D-due

A series of illustrations of cats have arisen from this project, each of which has the name of a writer who is included amongst D-due’s references, and who all have a unique relationship with these animals: Highsmith, Hemingway y Twain. The illustrations are presented in dark and light chromatic versions. The final drawings were made on 300 gr Caballo paper, using matt plastic paint from the firm Farrow Ball.

This artistic project was presented at an exhibition, and customers from our flagship store in Tokyo also had the opportunity to personalise our T-shirt designs with the Neko Suite illustration of their choice, painted by hand to order.