ISSUE #4: Surrealist Colour

Warm colours light up Magritte’s oneiric night. Floral prints and plaid fabrics are the canvas on which the iconography of the surrealist painter is represented.

In our Issue #4 we are presenting a new selection of garments from D-due’s Fall-Winter 2016/17 collection, inspired by the paintings of the surrealist artist René Magritte. In the 40’s the painter adopted a Fauve style, with thick brushstrokes and vibrant colours. In the collection, this period is represented in a family of garments where the migratory birds, the shapes of men observing the night and the umbrellas float over floral prints and plaid fabrics. The surrealist night fills up with red, blue and yellow.

Checked fabrics and floral prints are also part of D-due LAB’s winter tale. Together with the Ink print and the frills and leather details, they contribute to narrate a story where huts, fir trees and migratory birds emerge from the experience of a walk through the forest and are expressed in a sketchbook.

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