Family Fauve: the concept

D-due | Fauve Family, Magritte collection | ISSUE #4

Colour and geometry. A group of garments from D-due’s Magritte collection for this winter is inspired by the Fauve style adopted by the surrealist painter in the 40’s.

D-due’s Fall-Winter 2016/2017 collection is immersed in the world of dreams with the paintings of René Magritte as a source of inspiration. The oneiric night fills up with geometry and colour with the family of garments we are introducing in Issue #4, inspired by the Fauve period of the surrealist artist.

In the 40’s, Magritte work adopts a palette and brush-stroke more typical of impressionist painters, leaving the precision and realistic appearance of his more famous paintings. Magritte poses many paintings of this period over geometric figures that remind plaid fabrics.

A group of garments in the collection shows these features and, with an artistic intention, pieces are created by painting lines on thin canvas to give them the distinctive ironic accent of D-due.

D-due | Magritte collection | ISSUE #4

Figures & backgrounds

A painting of a road at nightfall serves as background to recreate an oneiric atmosphere. A man’s shape is silhouetted on it. The result is a disquieting space that evokes surrealistic places.

Printed on the fabric, it is the key to formalise a group of garments framed by red, blue and yellow lines.

Shadows, backlights, flowers and human figures go over many pieces of this collection. All floats over the fabric bringing up strange relations between figures and backgrounds.

Prints & Illustrations

Migratory birds crowd together in this atmosphere to weave an infinite net. The warm colours initiate an ambience where men and animals begin to connect.

D-due | Magritte collection | ISSUE #4