Magritte collection: the concept

D-due | Magritte collection | ISSUE #3D-due | Magritte collection | ISSUE #3

Umbrellas, bowler hats, the shape of a man observing the night… Discover D-due’s new collection for the next season.

Every D-due item is a unique project that explores creative and artistic concepts, reinterpreted in an ironic way with a highly poetic quality. Inspired by surrealism, the new proposal for Fall-Winter 2016/17 is immersed in the world of dreams and firmly approaches the iconography of René Magritte paintings.

D-due | Magritte collection | ISSUE #3

Alfred Hitchcock´s Spellbound and Sigmund Freud´s The Interpretation of Dreams illustrated the creative path, providing very revealing data on which to construct the convenient environment.

The bowler hats, the shape of the man observing the night, the umbrella and the flowers with their overdimensioned shadows are the elements graphically represented on the garments.

D-due | Magritte collection | ISSUE #3

Prints & Illustrations

The roses with their shadows make a composition together with the symbols of the collection, as a kind of graffiti.

D-due | Magritte collection | ISSUE #3


All the D-due creative work revolves around the process, which is understood as an artistic experience. Each graphic element represented has a strong plastic component that shows the essence of the brand.

The garments in this collection constitute the support for the narration and they are used as a painter’s canvas. Flowers contrast with ribbons on fabrics that evoke the masculine tailoring in clear reference to the businessmen that fill Magritte paintings.

D-due | Magritte collection | ISSUE #3