Issue #3: a journey into surrealism

D-due | ISSUE #3

With our third issue comes the winter, wrapped in surrealism and mystery. The new collections from D-due and D-due LAB invite us to dive into a dreamlike atmosphere.

The world of dreams takes over Issue #3. In a setting of shadows and mystery the shapes of men observing the night, bowler hats and umbrellas emerge… The iconography of René Magritte paintings is the source of inspiration for D-due’s Fall-Winter 2016/17 new collection. A journey into surrealism through the ironic play and the illusion.

Migratory birds and roses are some of the other graphic elements inhabiting this winter landscape, and are linked to Ink collection, the new proposal from D-due LAB for the new season. A winter tale which is born in a sketchbook.

As always, D-due explores plastic and artistic concepts, with a special focus on pattern design, while D-due LAB is based on nature and manual processes, with garments mainly made by using natural fibres, with powerful graphic elements. Two collections which meet and live together in the looks we are presenting in Issue #3.

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