A factory of ideas

A sentence, a book, a painting. At D-due, very different disciplines are re-interpreted and transformed into our own, unique dialogue.

In the 1980s, Rosario Froján, now the Creative Director of D-Due, began to work in her parents’ dressmaking workshop, a family company created in the 1960s that was the forerunner of the label. Rosario’s strong sense of design was combined with all of the company’s professionalism, know-how and excellent technical quality.

The 1990s marked another turning point. Alfredo Olmedo became joint Creative Director, and the label began to take shape. As a result, D-due took a new turn, bringing a new approach together with its quality and design that incorporated other disciplines such as the fine arts and graphic design.

Today, D-due has taken shape as a unique project with garments that clearly draw on artistic inspiration, reinterpreted with humour and irony in each new collection, and with a strikingly poetic character.

A movie, a book, aerial maps or the Arousa estuary: anything is open for interpretation and used to tell a tale, but this time with garments as their backdrop. D-due’s workshop is full of details, of objects that provide inspiration, of items that have been transformed, of narrative experiments.

It is a factory of ideas, which are finally expressed on pieces of clothing.