Chemistry, bears and daisies: the concept

D-due | Inspiration - Issue #1

Marigolds, teddy bears with a distinctly ironic appearance and molecular structures beneath the summer sun. What was the inspiration behind the dreamlike world of the Spring-Summer 2016 collection?

In 1964, Paul Zindel wrote the play The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, which received the Pulitzer Prize for theatre, and was made into a film in 1972 by Paul Newman. In it, shy Matilda “Tillie” Hunsdorfer prepares her experiment for the science fair: marigolds that grow from seeds that have been exposed to radiation.

The visual and conceptual references from this play have inspired the Spring-Summer 2016 collection from D-due: Chemistry, Bears and Daisies, which draws its inspiration from the journey from adolescence to adulthood, its stereotypes and graphic icons.

 The collection draws on these ideas to offer a surrealistic world of multicolour illustrations of daisies, sweets, bears and molecular structures, which combine to create a dreamlike atmosphere full of summer pleasures.

Characters from a world of fantasy brought together in anarchic prints similar to graffiti, the rebellious dreams of a restless spirit condensed into images full of quirkiness and irony. Bears dancing to the rhythm of tropical music surround this crazy spectacle.


Chemistry is broken down until we arrive at its component elements. Molecules are used as the image for a print suffused with a dreamlike quality. The creatures that inhabit the ecosystem of the collection emerge from the very centre of the flowers.


D-due’s garments are created using patterns that bring together the tradition of haute couture and tailoring with new tools, techniques and processes that allow us to breathe tremendous personality into our collections. The shapes of the petals highlight the organic lines of the garments from this new collection.

Polka dots

The molecular structures break down into a chaotic structure of polka dots. Garments with patchwork, embroidery and screen-printed designs create a family with a geometry that provides a bold, exciting look.