A new start: Issue #1

D-due | Issue #1

It’s premiere time. We invite you to explore our new home.

The seeds to what would become D-due were sown in the 1960s, as a high-quality dressmaking company, based in a small town in the Arousa estuary in Galicia, facing onto the Atlantic Ocean. A great many things have changed since then, while others have remained unchanged as trademarks of the company.

Our factory is still next to the sea, and aspects such as quality, carefully cut patterns and our extensive experience in the garment manufacturing process continue to be the guiding principles behind the label. The other cornerstone of D-due is more rebellious, marked by a constant process of updating the tools and supports used in the world of fashion. The label was defined during the 1990s, combining new techniques with the company’s traditional know-how, more associated with the world of fine art, until our fabrics became canvases. The collections are based on concepts from the worlds of literature, art, graphic design, architecture and cinema.

We are starting out on a new stage, with the launch of a new website designed as a fashion magazine.

A new channel where we can develop our facet as creators and editors of fashion projects, a new support where we can tell the stories that are born out of a combinations of tradition and cutting edge developments.

The first issue of this publication is full of teddy bears with an ironic outlook, daisies and molecular structures, the same ones that inspired the new Spring-Summer 2016 collection. And every three months, a new issue will announce new garments, concepts and stories.

This new website also includes an online store where, for a limited period, you will be able to purchase a selection of garments. We also look forward to hearing from you to chat and share the latest news on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and in our Newsletter.

Welcome to ISSUE #1.