Exclusive garments

Items from Issue #1 will be available for a limited period only, until the launching of next issue. Get yours.


A new start: Issue #1

It's premiere time. We invite you to explore our new home. The seeds to what would become D-due were sown in the 1960s, as a high-quality dressmaking company, based in a small town in the Arousa estuary in Galicia, facing onto the Atlantic Ocean. A great many things have changed...

D-due is…

Occasional women's clothes with an artistic nature whose careful tailoring uses a contemporary language to evoke classic dressmaking from another period. Garments with a strong identity, suffused with all of the tradition and philosophy of the label. Find out about our history...

Bear Bag

A limited special edition to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

It all began with a boat

Travel with us to where it all began. Close to where D-due's factory now stands, there was once a shipyard. It was the starting point, and our garments still conserve part of its essence.   Grandpa Froján had a shipyard that made wooden boats in Rianxo, close to where D-due’s...

D-due | Everithing started with a boat

It all began with a boat

Monday, 14 de December de 2015