Conceived as a range of workwear, but with the accent very much on fashion, D-due In Blue acquires a very special meaning this season, as it evokes the concept of the Bauhaus as a workshop, an active setting where students played a very active role in the process of creation.

Photo: Marteen

Edmund Collein, a Bauhaus student.

Photos and Videos by Mercedes Quezada

Student Work, 1942

Art Department, Newcom Collage

The fabrics used are based on an extreme functionality, whose durability, resistance and comfort are perfectly adapted to the human body, and whose elasticity allows them to adapt to our natural movements.

Blue colour and the construction lines form the backbone of this range of garments.

D-due develops its spring-summer 2018 collection inspired by ancient engravings of islands.
With irony, D-due brings life and color to the ancient islands by creating surreal creatures that inhabit these islands called “Paradise”.

Paradise, is an island to shelter our treasures. Eternal summer,
childhood ice cream, adventure tales, the unreachable moon, strange creatures…and the dream to be an astronaut.

“In Blue”, a family of essential garments in Atlantic blue color, aligned with the concept of each season.

The most basic aspect of the collection purified to its core.